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Information about Rhenus High Tech Ltd and our Management Team

Rhenus High Tech Ltd was established over 35 years ago, under the name of Lupprians Computer Express Ltd (LCE). Since then, the business has continually invested time and resources to further enhance the full suite of logistics solutions, which has in turn, made us the UK market leader today.

In 2013, Rhenus High Tech Ltd was acquired by the Rhenus SE & Co. KG, which is a global logistics service company with a turnover of €5.1 billion. Leveraging the wider skills and resources of the Rhenus Group, our company has grown to offer even better service and logistic solutions to our valued customers.

Today, Rhenus has grown into a global business with more than 660 locations worldwide and over 31,000 employees. Though we are a large organisation now, our goal for our customers, and our vision, have stayed true to their original purpose since we founded the company 35 years ago.

The Rhenus High Tech Ltd vision

Our main vision has always been, and still is to this day, to provide our customers with specialist logistics services and solutions that will eliminate difficulties experienced within their supply chain.

We see ourselves as your partner. And as such, our goal is to provide you with the value-added services that your organisation requires to succeed in today’s business world. How do we do that? We analyse highly complex logistics operations and optimise them using individual solutions that cover sourcing, production and distribution.

How Rhenus supports your business’s logistics needs

The Rhenus business areas—Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics, and Port Logistics —manage complex supply chains and create wealth by means of innovative value-added services.

With our 35+ years’ experience, knowledge and understanding of HealthCare, High Tech, Telecommunication, Printing, Banking, Rail, Retail, Power, Construction and Engineering logistics industries, Rhenus High Tech have built a logistical distribution network, which is second to none.

What’s more, Rhenus High Tech have the specialist handling equipment required to support our skilled technicians and engineers while safely completing your delivery and installation services. In addition to that, our bespoke and flexible IT solutions can easily communicate with customer ERP systems via EDI & API capabilities to provide the spine of streamlined communication between the businesses.

Rhenus High Tech operates on a path of constant improvement, investing heavily in quality control and ethical practices. As a result, the business is ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS as well as numerous other accreditations which can be found on the accreditations page of our website.

Rhenus High Tech is an eco-friendly company that cares about the welfare of our planet.  As part of the Company's environmental commitment, Rhenus High Tech is focused on becoming carbon neutral by 2020. Rhenus High Tech also supports sustainable UK centric ecological projects, ensuring our business participates in our local and national community. Creating a cleaner earth for future generations and giving back to our community is part of the Rhenus High Tech mission.

When it comes to business, Rhenus High Tech is a firm believer in relationships and long term partnerships. We take our relationship with your business seriously. As your partner, we are invested in the success of your business. When you succeed, we succeed.

As the world continues to change at a faster pace than ever, we understand it is important to constantly be evaluating our service and solutions. For this reason we are constantly focused on continual innovation, developing even more efficient business practices and delivering creative solutions.

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