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Demo Equipment Management

Rhenus High Tech LTD is the leading logistics company who specialise in final mile delivery and provide a wide variety of services to meet customer’s expectations. We provide these services across a number of sectors, ranging from HealthCare to IT & Data. One of the commonly used services are the demo management services, which we provide for some of the world’s leading manufacturers of HealthCare equipment, whose products sit in sectors including Ultrasound and Life Care Solutions.

To support the sales process, our customers loan equipment to the potential purchaser, so that they may demo the equipment and understand the benefits it gives to both the patients and clinicians. Rhenus will arrange the delivery of the product to the customer, and will go back to site to collect the product once the agreed demo period has ended.

In addition to the transportation of the product, we may also perform a number of value added services such as cleaning, decontamination and software license updates to the products we manage.

We manage the inventory control through a combination of bespoke technology systems and tried and tested internal processes. We are capable of managing all types of high tech products within this medical inventory management process. 

Case Study – Medical Inventory Management for HealthCare

The demo delivery process is when the equipment is being sent out to a demonstration, our customer relies on Rhenus to successfully complete the last mile delivery and to ensure the customer receives the product at the correct date and time, with all packaging removed so the product is ready to be used for patients. 

For the exchange of order information, we have been trained to work on the customers booking tool, where the load orders are requested by the sales team.  Once the order has been approved, Rhenus will get an alert and the warehouse team will prepare goods ready for dispatch.  We configure and check all items prior to dispatching to customers, to ensure the equipment is in excellent working condition.

Fragile equipment will be wrapped using either bubble wrap or shrink-wrap to protect the equipment during its transportation. During transit the products will be securely strapped according to our tried and tested methods, preventing any damage during final mile delivery.

The demo collection process will ensure the customer sales team clean the equipment on site and the equipment is packed correctly ready for our Rhenus crew to collect.  The Rhenus crew will return the equipment back to the Rhenus High Tech Warehouse, where the goods are received and checked by the warehouse operators.

Value added services are provided by our highly skilled team; ensuring the patient data is removed (complying with data security procedures), equipment is decontaminated and any damages are identified and immediately reported to the customer.

Once these checks are completed, the systems are cleaned again, wrapped and labelled ready for the next demo.  Systems are labelled with the name and serial number so machines can be easily identified when in the demo storage pool. Expiry dates for software codes are also labelled on the machines, enabling the warehouse operators to know when the codes need to be generated and updated for the demo logistics process to function smoothly.

Our customer entrusts us with their product, so that they can concentrate on continuing to manufacture excellent product for their customers, which in turn saves lives. The effective management of this service ensures this product gets to the people that need it.

The fact that we can provide the full lifecycle of services is why Rhenus continue to support an increasing number of customers in the demo logistics market.

For further information, please contact us at sales-rl@uk.rhenus.com.

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