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  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

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Last Mile Delivery and Advanced Installation services to the HealthCare Sector

Rhenus Lupprians is the UK's leading High Tech logistics specialist with extensive experience in providing a large number of services for our customers including both final mile delivery and assembly installation services.

We offer specialised services for a variety of different sectors, including services to the Healthcare market, which has been of paramount importance during the current challenging times of COVID 19. This was recently demonstrated when we proudly supported HealthCare delivery into the NHS Nightingale hospital centre. Whether it is medical device delivery or medical device installation, our customers can benefit from our 40 plus years of experience and know how to complete the service using full medical device management capabilities.

Our experience of delivering into hospitals enables us to further organise and manage your supply chain solutions within the HealthCare market. This know-how also qualifies us to perform a number of value added services where we actively manage our customer on-site requirements, enabling that customer to focus on their core expertise, getting patients well again. 

One of the value added services we provide our clients is demo equipment delivery and servicing of the equipment. We deliver ultra-sound machines, for example, on behalf of a number of globally recognised medical equipment manufacturers. Our technicians not only complete the health care delivery, but also setup the machines ready for use by performing green button testing. Once the demo is complete, our technicians collect and then clean the equipment according to our customers’ specifications, lastly replenishing the equipment with any consumable items. 

Even during the COVID 19 climate, Rhenus Lupprians continue to provide a large number of services including site survey, final mile delivery and Install & positioning of HealthCare equipment at various sites across the UK.  We have delivered to a variety of locations including public and private hospitals, hospices, pharmacies, laboratories and dental practices, and know how to operate in all those different environments.

The delivery, positioning and advanced installation services of equipment such as CT’s, MRI’s and Cyclotrons is what we are widely recognised for throughout the HealthCare industry. Our technicians have received the highest possible training, enabling them to fully cable and setup the equipment on behalf of the customer. Once completed, our customer then sends one of their engineers in to sign off our work and power up the equipment.

To complete this level of complex work requires careful planning, detailed knowledge of the product, vehicles with high tech specifications and also the latest available specialist handling equipment. Rhenus Lupprians can boast all of these features.

Our project managers working within the HealthCare team work with the customer and site management from the very start, arranging multiple site surveys and meetings with the site managers. Ensuring we know all of the site characteristics, enabling us to plan a safe delivery route and safeguarding against any eventuality that may appear on the day.

Our project managers will work on the behalf of the customer to ensure all the other skill-sets required, such as crane operators, are fully prepared for their scope of work. We will also work with the local councils to guarantee that the roads we are working on are cordoned off to complete the work safely for ourselves and the public. 

To make way for the new product, our project managers regularly get asked whether we can provide extended services by removing the old product and completing medical equipment disposal. We are well versed with providing such value added services, and regularly support our customer with completing their medical equipment recycling programs.

The range of the requirements can mean these projects can be months in the planning, it is our attention to detail that has helped us gain the recognition we hold within the HealthCare market for providing quality and innovative services to our customers.

We take pride in being the leading final mile carrier within the UK, you can feel safe knowing our team providing medical transportation services have the experience and expertise to support to complete the most challenging requirements.

For more information on any of the services listed in this article, please submit an enquiry via our website, or alternatively; email us at sales-rl@uk.rhenus.com.


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