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  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

    Providing the skills, experience and infrastructure that your specialist logistics projects demand.

  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

    Offering the full range of logistics solutions, from specialist transport services to high tech warehousing, engineering services, parts management, supply chain solutions and demo systems management.

Sectors Served

An effective logistics model is vital in supporting any company that distributes goods or products. The main goal of a logistics model is to safely and securely move product from one place to another. Although simple in theory, there are many practical challenges. Implementing an effective logistics model requires a wide range of knowledgeable specialists all working in the same direction. 

We are your Specialists in Logistics

Rhenus High Tech UK has been providing high-quality specialist logistics services for over 30 years. Our logistics strategies make the process more comprehensive and straightforward for everyone, as our fundamental vision has always been to provide our customers with streamlined services.

Why use our Services?

Our team is able to find solutions in difficult situations, and deliver the product to its final position within the destination building regardless of the location, while causing absolutely no damage to either the product or the building.

We can also provide site surveys to ensure safe working practices and reduce costs to clients for transportation. Rhenus High Tech UK sees to it that once installed, everything is safe and ready to go, with end-user training available to customers

For 30 + years, the foundation of our diverse set of quality services has come from healthcare logistics, which continues to be our foremost area of expertise. From there, we developed our knowledge and expanded our logistics expertise to several other high-tech sectors. 

As a result of this exposure, our staff are highly experienced and possess a wide range of knowledge across all high tech sectors. They are dedicated to always getting the job done safely, on time, and according to budget. 

Access control

As a leader in access control installation (parking tickets machine, ticket vending machines, barriers, etc.), Rhenus High Tech UK provides consumers with an array of professional 360-degree logistics services spanning everything from site surveying, to transportation, to installation. We ensure that the entire project is completed within the customer’s timescales, accurately and safely.

Banking and Retail

The banking and retail sectors depend on delicately functioning machinery. Whenever machinery handles money, it is especially important that it works smoothly and precisely. The hardware and equipment in this sector require appropriate professional care. Whether you want to install an ATM, or even relocate an entire bank and its hardware, Rhenus High Tech UK provides the perfect solutions adhering to the strict security requirements. 

Digital Signage & Kiosk

In the age of digital transformation, where competition between firms is high, kiosk machines and digital advertising can provide a significant competitive advantage. The highly trained and technologically capable professionals from Rhenus High Tech UK will help you get the job done right. Our experience in working within public sites enables us to manage the project effectively for our customers. Whether this be cordoning off a public area for us to install a kiosk, or obtaining permission to close a road for us to install a large display unit, you can rest assured we can manage the task.

Fitness and Gym Equipment

As more and more people work in sedentary office jobs, fitness and gym equipment are becoming more important than ever before. Old-fashioned, mechanical gym equipment has now transformed into hybrid electronic devices for fitness enthusiasts. Rhenus High Tech UK professionals use specialised handling equipment to make sure that your products are safe from the start, guaranteeing the satisfaction of your customers.

Health Tech

Rhenus High Tech UK continues to earn its reputation as the best healthcare logistics provider in the UK. With decades of experience, our foundational expertise makes us the premier logistics specialists in healthcare products. Supporting our customers with equipment demonstration activities to support sales growth, or pre-staging and installation of large MRI machines into hospitals up and down the country, we are proud of the work delivering equipment which is saving and changing peoples lives.

IT & Data

IT and data make up one of the biggest sectors for our specialists today. We consistently train our professionals with the most up-to-date product and handling knowledge. Investing in the best equipment so that your products can be handled and positioned with the utmost care. With intrinsic knowledge of the security steps required to access data centres, our business is setup to facilitate such needs and separate us from our competitors.

Power Systems & Plant

Every business requires a fully functional power system that works without disturbance. These machines are expensive and should only be handled by trained individuals. Our professional staff have extensive experience in both the installation and moving of products including UPS systems, and will always get the job done safely. With the systems usually being extremely large in size, and being positioned in remote areas of the business, our ability to problem solve and provide solutions means we are the first call for our customer complex projects.

Print & Imaging

We provide clients with all services related to delivery, installation, network connectivity, maintenance and swapping of professional office equipment. Our skilled technicians are fully equipped to deliver the best logistics work for print and imaging businesses. Further supplemented by the technicians in the warehouse whom perform pre-staging activities for our customers, we have the knowhow and infrastructure to support large delivery volumes for this sector.


Our extensive experience across multiple sectors puts us in an ideal position to expand into new and growing sectors, such as the robotics sector. Rhenus High Tech UK now has extensive experience installing and relocating robotics equipment for products such as high-end medical dispensing systems, which support pharmacy’s with their pick and pack requirements. We continue to grow in this market, applying the knowledge we have gained in our sectors and providing an increased number of customers with customised solutions.


Network installations can be especially complex, requiring detailed knowledge of systems communication. Rhenus High Tech UK offers full installation services by trained personnel, also providing various communication and infrastructure upgrades with an emphasis on the safety of assets in storage. Using the train-a-trainer process, we are able to train our technicians on how to pre-stage and maintain customer products. This enables us to be an extension of our customers’ engineer pool, helping customers increase the uptime performance of their product.

Vending & Gaming

Our team of fully trained staff can help you deliver and install vending and gaming machines for many different sectors – including everything from gambling machines, to food vending machines. Rhenus High Tech UK specialists will help you assemble and deliver product to the desired locations, which also facilitating software and license updates. This can be done at the time of delivery, or with Rhenus revisiting sites to provide periodic maintenance services. 

We serve many more sectors than what we have gone through in the above article. Please do not hesitate to find out more about the logistics solutions at Rhenus High Tech UK, contact us today.


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