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  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

    Providing the skills, experience and infrastructure that your specialist logistics projects demand.

  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

    Offering the full range of logistics solutions, from specialist transport services to high tech warehousing, engineering services, parts management, supply chain solutions and demo systems management.

Specialists in Logistics

Rhenus High Tech UK has been providing customers with dependable logistics solutions, along with value added services for success in today’s business world. We implement complex logistics operations using best practices and the latest modern specialist handling equipment, in order to satisfy your sourcing, production and distribution needs.

We bring over 35 years of experience, with expertise in fields such as Banking & Retail, Access Control, Power, IT & Data, Telecommunication, Fitness, Health Care, and Print & Imaging industries. Our special handling equipment, skilled engineers, and talented technicians put you in safe hands as we complete each delivery and installation process on time and on budget.

People tend to think about logistics as simply shipping a product from Point A to Point B. Yet in modern times, such tasks are just the tip of the iceberg. In recent years, logistics has adapted to a high-tech world where different types of machinery and equipment need to delivered into final location, installed, maintained, and even disposed of at the end of their life cycle.

That’s why becoming a logistics specialist requires complex study. Before somebody packs a delicate object, they must receive extensive training to understand its special properties, and how they affect the storage, transportation, installation, and maintenance requirements. We take into careful consideration each of these additional factors, enabling us to deliver your products on time and in perfect condition. 

Our teams are equally at ease working with heavy equipment, or installation of small and fragile product. We provide a solution for every problem; all distances are within our reach, and nothing is too heavy. When necessary, we supplement our transport options by offering high tech warehouse management in a controlled environment, as well as additional customer service. We give our customers the ability to focus on the bigger picture, while we handle day-to-day logistics requirements.

How We Operate

Rhenus High Tech UK offers the right mix of customer service, specialist handling equipment, and bespoke technology solutions. When preparing a delivery, our team members carefully load the equipment onto the truck and secure it for transport, always following best industry practices. We also provide a series of checks to make sure that the product, vehicle, and team are all ready for the next step. Our drivers play a vital role in the process, and are specially trained to transport all types of goods smoothly and securely.

For each task, our experienced, highly trained staff uses the latest equipment for smooth delivery. Each sector has different needs and requirements, and we continually ensure that our work is done with the best resources and equipment available. 

At Rhenus High Tech UK, we use different trucks for a range of business needs – each suited for the products and equipment they handle. From small lutons to large trucks and trailers, we use straps, padding, and other safeguards to guarantee that every trip is smooth and safe from door to door. 

Our larger vehicles have large tailboards with extra weight bearing specifications, air ride suspension, special load-locks, while some also have retractable roofs to make space for especially large items to be craned out of the roof. Our special handling equipment includes power pushers to get products up slopes or ramps, and robotic machines to help move heavy products up the stairs. 

In terms of storage, we take special precautions to make sure that every asset is kept safe. Our network of high-tech warehouses is highly organised, and equipped with high definition security cameras. Our bespoke warehouse management system lets us keep track of products and inventory efficiently. We also make full use of a special staging areas to perform configurations, optimisations and customisations before we deliver products and equipment, so we can minimise our time on site. 

Rhenus is a recognized leader in the logistics industry for dealing with emergency situations or otherwise urgent shipments. We have experience dealing with sensitive shipments that need to be delivered within tight deadlines. Our staff are trained to handle temperature-controlled and time-critical items – letting us reliably handle sensitive cargo, such as medicine and fragile objects. We also provide documents with these shipments, to satisfy different country requirements.

Preparation Leads to Success

It's vital for logistics specialists to get every job done safely, on time and on budget. From planning to execution, each operation is carefully supervised by our project manager, who is responsible for ensuring that the entire process is carried out according to plan.

Before we begin packing, pick-up, drop-off and (if requested) installation of any product, we must know its intended destination. This information helps us plan out the route of transport, which in turn determines how the product will be packed, loaded, secured, unloaded, and installed.

We must also determine if there is anything that will affect our delivery, from stairs to elevators to doorway dimensions. It vital that our staff make each delivery without any damage to either the building or the product itself. 

Each of these steps is essential to providing a dependable service. While many outside the industry may continue to believe that logistics is simply a matter of moving items from here to there – in reality, plenty of preparation is needed in order to make the job appear so easy. At Rhenus High Tech UK, we worry about the details so that our customers don’t have to.


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