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  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

    Providing the skills, experience and infrastructure that your specialist logistics projects demand.

  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

    Offering the full range of logistics solutions, from specialist transport services to high tech warehousing, engineering services, parts management, supply chain solutions and demo systems management.

Value Added Services in Logistics

The term “Value added services” describes the action taken by Rhenus High Tech to increase the benefit of the service provided to a customer. Being a logistics specialist for over 40 years, Rhenus High Tech are the UK’s leading final mile carrier, and provide Value added services in logistics not matched in quality by our competitors.

Providing our customers with final mile delivery services for this length of time has enabled us to gain valuable experience throughout a variety of high tech industries including HealthCare, IT & Data, Telecommunications, along with Fitness & Gaming. The exposure to multiple high tech markets has enabled us to continually enhance our skills and be flexible in our approach, providing customers with all the benefits of receiving a white glove logistics approach.

The white glove lifecycle

Rhenus High Tech started out in the HealthCare sector, providing HealthCare delivery services to a large number of global OEM’s. Showcasing our expertise and developing the trust of our customers, we soon expanded into providing full technical installation of systems such as Cyclotron’s, MRI’s and CT Scanners. Year upon year we were able to increase the services we provided, learning from the knowledge built whilst performing our core white glove delivery services.

Our value added logistics services include services such as:

  • Final mile and last mile delivery including delivery to room of choice
  • Project management
  • Site surveys
  • White glove storage
  • Dead-on-arrival testing (DOA testing)
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • License key creation and install
  • Software updates / install
  • Network connection
  • Removal for resale (incl Medical device management / and Recycle medical equipment)

Our value added services begin with our customer services team project managing your order for you. They will liaise with you and the nominated people within your supply chain. They will understand the key details of the request, including product specifications, site characteristics and delivery timelines, our customer services team will identify areas of risk within the information provided, and may on occasion suggest a site survey be performed. Our surveyors will attend site to walk the delivery route, planning in detail how to navigate the product to it’s final location. Characteristics such as steps, stairs, ramps, lifts and door heights will all be noted, enabling our surveyor to build a full Risk Assessment & Method Statement document (RAMS). This document is the key to avoiding issues during the delivery and enabling a delivery which is completed safely whilst meeting the customers’ expectations and requirements.

Once the product arrives into our high tech facilities, we can apply white glove storage techniques. We can also unpack the product for our customers, ensuring there is no damage to the product and perform services such as green-button testing or DOA check. For some customers, having an extra confirmation that their product is fully functional before being delivered to the customer is imperative. Once the product gets to site and is delivered, additional services such as assembly, installation, network connection and end-user training can be provided.

Tailoring Our Services to Each Individual Client

For customers that operate demo inventory or demonstration equipment, Rhenus provide a host of services tailored to value added services in logistics. Prior to the product being released to a customer, we can complete DOA testing, we check the license for its expiry date and if needed can create a new license key on the customer system and install this onto the product. Too much on license key when we could add cleaning, replenishment of consumables.

These services enable us to supplement our customers engineering pool. Helping our customers to ensure that they meet the SLA’s they have with their customers, but also providing the opportunity to reduce cost. During peak seasons we can work in conjunction with their engineering teams to complete these value added services.

We understand that each of these tasks may be different and unique to each customer. For customers requiring these services, we will train our teams to necessary level by working with the client and utilising our train-the-trainer process. A Rhenus surveyor and lead trainer will attend customer site to receive training on the requested services. From there, the processes will be fully documented and signed off with the customer, training will then be rolled out across all operational staff. The documents will be uploaded into our intranet system, allowing for operational staff to review the procedures whenever they require to familiarise themselves.

For more information on our value added services, please visit our value added services in logistics page here


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