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What is White Glove Logistics?

The term “white glove logistics” describes services that go above and beyond what is expected from traditional logistics services.

White glove service means taking special care to expertly handle high-value equipment through every stage of the process, be it the receipt into our high tech facility, removal, transportation, and delivery/installation processes. Ideal for high-value equipment such as trade show material, demonstration equipment, and medical equipment, our white glove services will ensure that the products arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

The white glove lifecycle

Although logistics simply means moving equipment or products from one location to another, the process is invariably quite complex. As we demonstrate below, careful coordination is required at every stage.

  1. Project Management: Every step of the process, from planning to execution, must be carefully overseen by the project manager, who will ultimately be responsible for the success of the project.

    Customer Coordination on Site Specifics: In order to properly execute the pick-up, drop-off, and (if required) installation of the equipment, it is crucial the team know the key characteristics of our customer’s sites. As a leading white glove logistics provider, we will contact the end client to make sure we understand every detail before any actual work begins. We will enquire about fundamentals that may affect access, such as the positioning of ramps, stairs and lifts, as well as maximum weights/heights. If we pinpoint any obstacles, the equipment manager will provide a solution to ensure the project is completed accurately, safely and in line with the clients request. 

  2. Site Survey: If the site characteristics dictate, or requested by the client, our team will visit both the pick-up and drop-off sites in person to make absolutely sure they have the details required to complete the job without any unforeseen obstacles. It is paramount that the condition of the equipment be maintained, which is why an extensive survey is completed.

  3. Planning the Delivery Method: Once the team has a complete understanding of the sites, they will decide how to complete their task. This stage entails determining the route they will travel to get from one site to the other, as well as meticulously planning out how the equipment will be packaged, loaded, secured, unloaded, and installed. The delivery route, opening times, delivery times, and all the relevant dates should also be confirmed during this stage. Again, extensive planning ensures that the process goes smoothly, keeping the equipment safe at all times. 

  4. Delivery and Positioning: With their ‘white gloves’ on, the team members will carefully load the equipment onto the truck, and secure it for transport. A thorough series of checks is performed at this stage to guarantee that everything is ready for the journey. Next, an expert driver will carefully drive the equipment to the destination. Upon arrival at the destination, the team will once again don their white gloves, carefully unload the equipment, removing the packaging, and position in the desired location. Finally, the team will return the waste packaging to the delivery truck.

  5. Value Added Services: If the client requests, the team may also install the products and run diagnostics on them to make absolutely sure that they are ready for use. Additionally, end-user training can be provided so that the customer is left with valuable knowledge of how to utilise their new equipment.

POD and Invoice: The invoice should only be issued once the job has been completed to every agreed-upon specification, along with any completed specific client documents and a signed POD.

Why Rhenus High Tech UK?

We are leading high-tech logistics specialists and we have the experience and expertise to perform the most dependable white glove logistics services. We carefully follow every step of the white glove lifecycle to ensure that the entire process is completed safely, within budget, and to the exact specifications of our clients. 

Rhenus High Tech UK stands out from other white glove logistics providers, as we implement the right blend of customer services, utilising both specialist equipment and bespoke technology solutions. We communicate clearly with our clients, from order booking through to invoicing, and act as an essential guide at every stage of the process.

White glove service means much more than just taking extra care during delivery. It means walking the client through all the different planning stages, offering meaningful advice, and providing best practice solutions. On the actual delivery dates, it is absolutely crucial that everything goes smoothly. This is why we put so much emphasis on planning.

Every single member of our team – from the office workers, to the technicians, to the drivers – is an expert in their respective fields, and completely dedicated to achieving project success and customer satisfaction. 

We also use all the most up-to-date equipment, project management capabilities, and technological solutions for a flawless white glove logistics experience. 

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