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Cash Machine Installation – ATM Installation Services

ATM Delivery & Installation Services for Banking & Retail

The banking sector has specific requirements when it comes to logistics, and its sensitive materials should only be handled by a specialist logistics provider who is able to meet all of them. Banking services require a high degree of security in order to protect data, information, and assets. Therefore, when it comes to services like relocation of banking equipment or ATM installations, companies need to partner with a trustworthy and reliable ATM installation company.

As a full-service logistics company, Rhenus High Tech Ltd specialises in providing a high-quality service across the entire logistics chain. Apart from being a leading ATM installation agency, we have also helped our clients in the banking sector with data centre relocation, full technical installation, last mile delivery, and reverse logistics.

In addition to the banking sector, Rhenus High Tech provides services for retail businesses as well. Our clients include major national supermarkets and local independent specialists. For our retail clients, our experience allows us to work with products such as EPOS systems and self-service checkouts which are becoming commonplace in the UK retail environment. As with banks, we have also provided branch relocation and refurbishment services for retail stores.

Preferred partner for the banking and retail sectors

Our full-service capabilities make us the perfect partner for logistics retail or banking services like EPOS or ATM installations. UK-based, we offer these flexible services across the country and wider offshore regions. Our EPOS and ATM installation services are just a small part of the vast array of retail & banking services we provide. Our high level of customer service and care throughout the logistics chain is supported by our extensive fleet of specialist vehicles and high tech warehouses.

Our vehicles are specialised and customised for the transport of delicate high tech product. Straps, padding and other safeguards ensure the ATM delivery, asset recovery, and reverse logistics services are completed smoothly. To further protect your data and equipment during these processes, Rhenus High Tech has developed a tried and tested method. Our approach includes enhanced security clearances and asset tracking of the product via GPS, as well as:

  • A dedicated 2-man crew and vehicle is used throughout the service, ensuring consistency. Both are booked at least 24 hours in advance;
  • Products in transport are security sealed in a cage or on a safe pallet; and
  • All products being transported are security tagged.

With self-service checkouts or cash machine installation, our service begins the moment the equipment arrives at one of our high tech warehouses. All of our warehouses are fitted to keep the equipment safe and in proper working order. Our warehouse features include staging areas that allow us to perform any configurations and assembly requirements on the ATM machines; installation therefore will be quick and efficient once we arrive on site.

Rhenus High Tech ensures that all sensitive data is properly wiped in a secure environment prior to recycling or refurbishment. To keep track of everything that comes through our warehouses, we have a comprehensive warehousing and inventory management procedure which uses RFI and barcodes. The warehouses are also kitted out with every other feature required of an ATM installation company.

Need support with ATM Delivery or self-checkout installation?

We are dedicated to providing a professional and specialist transport service to our customers, tailoring to their needs. To find out more about how we can support you, please call 01784 422900. Or, alternatively, email sales-rl@uk.rhenus.com

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