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Fitness Equipment Delivery – Treadmill Delivery and Setup Service

Gym and Exercise Equipment Delivery and Installation

Rhenus High Tech Ltd offers end-to-end gym equipment delivery and gym installation services. With our decades of experience in the fitness and exercise sector, we have developed a reliable process to safely and efficiently provide gym equipment installations services. From manufacturer pickup, storage, fitness equipment delivery and assembly, to final removal or gym equipment relocation, every precaution is taken to ensure the project is completed safely.

Fitness equipment services

Our methods are flexible and bespoke to each and every project, allowing each project to be evaluated on a case-to-case basis. If needed, our engineers perform site surveys prior to delivery and assembly, to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our experienced methods and the specialised handling tools used are adapted accordingly. For instance, our experts determine if any assembly or tasks like row machine setup needs to be performed prior to deliver. This flexibility allows Rhenus High Tech to optimise our services to suit all projects in varying environments for instance:

  • Large-scale exercise equipment delivery and setups and gym equipment relocation for multinational gyms;
  • Individual exercise equipment delivery services like cross trainer delivery and setup for them; and
  • Small scale iron gym installation and larger multi gym installation 

Our technicians can perform Dead on Arrival (DOA) testing on customer product once it reaches our high tech facilities, ensuring the equipment are fully functioning prior to delivery. Our delivery technicians perform all the steps applicable to exercise equipment delivery and setup services, including all gym equipment installation at the customer’s site. Where requested, the assets can be pre-assembled within Rhenus High Tech warehouses to reduce time on site for installation.

Our gym equipment delivery and installation service does not end there. Our skilled technicians provide periodic maintenance and software updates. As you would expect from an end-to-end service provider, Rhenus High Tech also returns to the customer’s site to perform reverse logistics swapping out old equipment, recycling or refurbishing upon the end of the product lifecycle. This additional service extending well beyond installation shows the dedication and commitment we have to support our customers’ needs.

Experience in Gym Equipment Delivery

Supporting a number of globally recognised fitness and gym equipment manufacturers has given us a breadth of experience supporting multiple product sectors. Find below examples of products which we are experienced with:

  • Treadmill delivery service
  • Cross trainer delivery
  • Rowing machine delivery
  • Multi gym installation 
  • Rowing machine setup and install

Specialised handling equipment, warehouses and vehicles

As the leading logistics provider in the sector, Rhenus High Tech takes every measure to ensure your products are safe throughout the logistics process. This is done through the use of specialised equipment, tools and technologies needed to provide comprehensive services in the sector like treadmill white glove delivery.

Prior to delivery, the warehouses are also equipped with the space and all the tools our engineers need to perform, checks, configurations and assemble prior to delivery, reducing on site time.

All Rhenus High Tech vehicles – large or small – are customised especially for the transport of delicate technologies.  With each vehicle fitted with bespoke load lock systems and air ride suspension, your product is safe throughout the journey. A 2-man crew also accompanies the fitness equipment to provide extra assurance.

Need support with gym equipment delivery?

We are dedicated to providing a professional and specialist transport service to our fitness customers, tailoring to their needs with services such as rowing machine setup. To find out more about how we can support you, please call 01784 422900. Or, alternatively, email sales-rl@uk.rhenus.com

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