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3D Printer Setup and Assembly – Airport Security Equipment Installation

Office Equipment Installation and 3D Printer Assembly

Rhenus High Tech Ltd provides end-to-end logistic solutions for the printing industry, including European project management, office equipment installations, swap-outs, periodic maintenance, and end-of-life reverse logistics services.

Through working directly with the largest European manufacturers over a number of years, the skilled technicians at Rhenus High Tech are continuously learning and improving their skills to ensure they are fully trained and equipped to provide high quality logistics solutions for the print and imaging sectors. This continuous development in knowledge and expertise has allowed Rhenus High Tech to offer the latest logistics services in this sector.

Rhenus High Tech is the logistics partner of choice for a number of leading global print manufacturers. Our role includes acting as technical support centres, helping with technical customer services and providing inventory management in our high tech warehouses.

With the knowledge and resources to function as a technical centre for the largest printing manufacturers, Rhenus High Tech provides pre-delivery setups, test printing, and IP programming. All of this can be done at our warehouses prior to rollout. Rhenus High Tech also provides repairs and swap-up services for most manufacturers when the product reaches the end of its lifecycle.

Installation services for printing equipment and technology can range from basic unit setup through to more-technical and specialised services, including airport security equipment.

Our personnel are all security vetted which enable them to work at secure site locations like data centre, government building and airports. We have the experience at working at all of these sites. With an ever changing technology landscape, Rhenus High Tech are equipped to work in accordance with strict airport security measures to install the latest Live scanning and biometrics equipment.

Warehouses and vehicles to fit all load sizes

Rhenus High Tech network consists of secure high tech storage facilities across the UK. Each of our warehouses has all of the necessary infrastructure and technical features you would expect when supporting high tech sectors.

Our warehouses are equipped with the latest technology – including HD cameras and advanced WMS systems to ensure that the delicate print and image equipment is kept in the right conditions. Moreover, with integrated systems and RFID technology, our facilities even allow for complete remote inventory control.

Pre-staging areas in these facilities let our technicians perform much needed pre-installation services such as assembly and configurations.

With access to large transportation vehicles, your printing equipment can be delivered in one piece, making the installation a quick process once we arrive on site. All Rhenus High Tech vehicles are customised with straps and padding, which ensures the printers remains safe during delivery, relocation or removal.

Dedicated project management team

To ensure every step of the end-to-end service goes well, every project has a dedicated project management team overlooking each step of the logistical process.

There are two types of project management provided by Rhenus High Tech. The first is for basic individual projects and the accompanying delivery and installation. The other type is for larger projects and large-scale roll-outs, which can take months and will need operation consultation and relationship management in addition to standard project management.

As a result of our experience of working with the leading printing manufacturers across Europe, we are well versed with supporting in large scale rollouts.

Bobby Pallets and sustainability

Through years of experience, Rhenus High Tech has developed and patented reusable pallets. These Bobby Pallets are key to our printing logistic services, and are used to provide safe and efficient transport for unpacked print equipment. Available in four different sizes and configurations, our Bobby Pallets fit all machine types from different manufacturers.

Over the years, Rhenus High Tech services have become more sustainable due to their reusability, thanks to our reverse logistics process. At the end of the life of a piece of equipment, or when the installed office equipment becomes surplus to needs, Rhenus High Tech removes the imaging equipment and delivers it to the appropriate recycling or refurbishing plants, ensuring all processes meet WEEE guidelines.

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