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Logistics Services for the Robotics Sector

Why use Rhenus High Tech to move your Robotics Equipment

With years of experience providing end-to-end logistics services for the Robotics sector, Rhenus High Tech Ltd offers high-quality reliable logistics services across all sectors. In the past we have delivered, installed and relocated robotics for the retail, printing, healthcare and telecommunications industries and more. Our logistics teams are highly trained in handling and installing machines and robotics. In the past, we have worked on airport scanners, x-ray machines, automated medical dispensing cabinets and many more categories of equipment across these business sectors.

Rhenus High Tech operates according to industry best practices. This is achieved through continuous learning and development. Our staff undergo regular training so they are equipped to provide services on the latest technologies like 3D printers installation.

Warehouse facilities and specialist vehicles

Rhenus High Tech offers the very best security available during storage and transport periods, as we use advanced and specialised handling equipment to carry out logistics procedures.

Our service begins the moment the robotics arrive in our warehouses. This can range from final mile delivery to complex installations and wide-scale rollouts. Prior to this, the assets are stored in our high tech warehouses. With high bay racking, a block-stacking area and internal mezzanines, the warehouses are perfect for short or long-term storage.

A warehouse management system based on RFI and barcodes technology enables high-quality inventory management services, ensuring the robotics in storage flow correctly through the logistics chain to delivery.

Prior to deliver and installation, all the necessary configurations and assembly of the product can be completed at the pre-staging areas within the warehouses. This allows our engineers to check the working order of the product, and ensure everything is fully functional prior to deliver into customer. Once all customer requirements have been completed, the machines are prepped for delivery and installation.

Rhenus High Tech vehicles are built specifically for the delivery of delicate technologies like robotics. With air ride suspension and large tail boards, the assets are safe throughout the journey.  It goes without saying, our installation crew and on-board team take the utmost care while in transit to ensure your equipment arrives safely at its destination.

Installation of robotics product

The installation period includes onsite delivery and unpacking of the products. As Rhenus High Tech has a fleet of oversize vehicles, the robotics equipment does not have to be disassembled and can be delivered in one piece, providing increased flexibility in the delivery process. Specialist handling equipment is used for safe pickup and transportation of the product when on site. This equipment allows Rhenus High Tech to move heavy product across floors without causing damage, and even navigating stairs if required.

Following this, Rhenus High Tech undertakes the positioning and final installation process, which involves any additional onsite services, such as connecting the equipment to power and local area networks (LAN). Once installed, and prior to sign-off, our knowledgeable technicians can provide end-user instructions so the customer has all the information they need.

Upgrades and reverse logistics

As an end-to-end service provider, Rhenus High Tech UK's work continues long after the installation. We also provide periodic maintenance and software updates where necessary, helping to extend the life cycle of the equipmen.

When the machines do reach the end of their operational use, or when they become surplus to requirements, we’re always on hand to collect them for recycling. We carefully remove and transport all assets to the appropriate service team for further processing, recycling or refurbishment in line with WEEE regulations.

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