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Asset Recovery - Rhenus High Tech Ltd

IT Asset Collections and Recovery

Rhenus High Tech Ltd understands the challenges customers face when managing their supply chains within the UK. We manage our entire UK network through an experienced central team, which ensures streamlined communications between the major cities and outer regions in which we operate. One of the most important considerations for high tech manufacturers in IT asset management is the reverse logistics process.

Every step of the IT asset management process requires technical expertise. From IT asset tracking and storage to asset collections and IT removals, we guarantee responsible waste management, recycling or disposal of old equipment with tracking available for transparency on all UK completed orders.

UK IT Asset management and recycling

When employing companies to perform managed asset recovery services, UK businesses must choose carefully due to increasingly tight industry regulations and growing environmental concerns. Rhenus High Tech helps businesses to achieve both their bottom-line and environmental responsibilities by delivering value added, end-to-end IT asset management solutions.

Complying with the European Union’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive, we conduct rigorous environmentally safe recycling processes. We have a great deal of experience in collecting and processing professional and industrial equipment, maintaining environmental best practices throughout. We have the capability and supporting infrastructure of tracking the movements for every asset to assist our customers to comply with all audit requirements.

Secure logistical services for the banking sector

Rhenus High Tech specialises in logistics services for the banking sector, covering commercial asset tracking and recovery, last mile delivery and installation of high tech products. Our customers include numerous financial institutions and their respective technology hardware providers. We appreciate the sensitivity of business-critical matters and that, more often than not, time is of the essence.

When relocating bank branches or offices, expanding or closing down, we ensure removals are handled quickly and efficiently to help our customers meet tight schedules, thus limiting any service disruption.

In order to meet our customers’ expectations, Rhenus High Tech adheres to a set of strict security protocols. When collecting sensitive materials from customer premises, we ensure the customer is present while we lock the assets in a cage for secure transport with tracking throughout. Special security seals are applied to lock the cages before departure, guaranteeing that no one can gain access until they reach the customer at their destination.

If required, we guarantee full data destruction of storage media. Accurate tracking is also provided throughout the entire asset recovery process, while maintaining premium solutions across our entire network.

We work with every technology across every sector

When it comes to asset management of IT, every sector faces unique requirements relating to security and data protection. When it comes to physical asset recovery, we take care of the entire process for our customers. From their point of use to secure storage, and on to their final destination, we handle the testing, refurbishment or shipping for environmental disposal.

Our specialist transportation vehicles

Rhenus High Tech has a fantastic range of vehicles, from 13.6m hard sided trailers to small delivery vans. All of our vehicles are equipped with internal lock-and-load systems and specialist handling equipment. This includes roll cages, high-lifting platforms and packaging materials which ensure the secure transportation of high-value, highly sensitive computer hardware. Every vehicle is tracked by our control centre using GPS technology to provide high visibility and peace of mind to the customer.

Recycling - Ensuring peace of mind

As required by European law for IT asset disposal companies, all Rhenus High Tech staff has been vetted for criminal background records and are qualified to maintain rigorous security procedures. From large-scale logistics to bespoke one-off solutions, our skilled staff design and implement the entire operation, putting your mind at ease.

Right throughout our expansive network, our staff maintains superior service standards under a unified philosophy: to deliver quality, commitment and competitiveness.

Need an IT asset management specialist?

We are dedicated to providing a professional and streamlined IT asset management service to our customers, tailoring to their needs. To find out more about how we can support you, please call 01784 422900. Or, alternatively, email sales-rl@uk.rhenus.com

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