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Demo equipment management & inventory control

As a leading specialist logistics company, Rhenus High Tech Ltd provides numerous services in the logistics field to meet our clients’ expectations and to earn their trust in all areas of logistics and related services. Our team of highly trained professionals is always on hand to support you with your needs across the UK.  We offer high-quality asset recovery, pre-staging, high tech warehousing solutions and other important services such as demo equipment management.

Demo equipment management represents a key area of support for our clients’ sales and marketing teams. Rhenus High Tech perform demo equipment management services for some of the world’s leading manufactures, whom manufacture products over a multitude of HealthCare related sectors including Life Care Solutions and Ultrasound.

A customer’s demo pool inventory is stored and managed within our high tech facilities. Our customers’ sales team agrees to loan equipment from their demo pool inventory to their potential client, so that they can perform a demonstration (demo) of the equipment.

We configure and check all demo pool inventory prior to releasing to customers, and also at the end of the demonstration, to ensure that it is in excellent working condition and meets client specifications, allowing for smooth and successful future demonstrations.

Demonstration equipment

All demo equipment is stored within our high tech facilities, meaning our customer’s product is kept in a safe and secure environment with access to pre-staging and configuration rooms where our technicians can perform value added services.

We handle all types of product from medical inventory management to high tech machinery along with many other kinds of industrial machines. Our network of facilities delivers a wide array of high tech equipment to destinations across the UK. We have an effective delivery model, enabling us to efficiently transport all of the equipment directly to the specific site if urgent, or delivery the product on our consolidation network offering costs savings to our customers.

Demo equipment management services we can offer are:

  • Sameday and timed delivery of product into customer premises
  • Clean and decontamination of customer equipment
  • Removal of patient data (helping customers comply with data security procedures)
  • Pre-staging and configuration of product to meet an end clients demo requirements

Professional inventory control

The inventory control process at Rhenus High Tech is conducted by our team of professionals, who are highly experienced in this field of operation. Our team makes sure that all of the equipment used in the demonstration is delivered to the site on time, enabling our customers’ sales team to perform the demonstration in front of all the end clients’ key decision makers. 

Our experience and close coordination with key manufacturers enable us to configure the equipment expertly at the demo stage.

Our enhanced systems for demo equipment management enable the client to have full visibility of all the activities enabling the capability to efficiently maintain an optimum level of inventory.

Our high tech warehouses are located in major cities across the UK, ensuring that all of our equipment is properly stored through our advanced warehouse management system. The security system of our high-tech warehouse enables both clients and staff to easily manage and monitor the equipment through the system.

Specialist equipment / vehicles

Rhenus High Tech invest in the latest available specialist handling equipment. This can be power pushers, helping us move heavy product up slopes and ramps, or stair robot machines helping us to walk product up sets of stairs, we have the tools, knowledge and expertise to perform these advanced handling techniques.

The vehicles we use in the transportation of equipment are uniquely designed to carry all sizes of machinery securely. We have a fleet of specialist transportation vehicles, ranging from small vans up to 40ft large trailers.

All the larger vehicles have extended tail boards, air ride suspension and specialist load-lock devices installed on them. The specifications installed into our vehicles are bespoke, and have been developed through our years of performing services for our customers. Our large vehicles, some of which have retractable roofs, eliminate the requirement for product to be dismantled prior to transportation.

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