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Pre-staging and configuration - hardware decommissioning

Rhenus High Tech Ltd offers every service available in the field of logistics, creating an all-encompassing, convenient offering for our clients. These include pre-staging and calibration services where we support customers with the pre-assembly, configuration and testing of equipment prior to delivering to the end customer. Pre-staging and configuration is an important part of this process, saving valuable time for each of our clients.

Rhenus High Tech technicians are trained up to the level of manufacturers’ engineers; this helps us to ensure the good condition of products and equipment prior to delivery into clients by performing dead on arrival tests (DOA). Once the product reaches our high tech facilities, our technicians will configure the equipment to the customer’s specification and perform green button testing.

This pre-staging process assures our clients ensure that the product delivered into the end customer is fully functional, enhancing the service experience of the end customer. In addition, time on site is reduced, lessening the impact that customers feel within their facilities during the delivery of the new equipment.

Moreover, our well-trained teams instruct and give support to clients’ engineers, so that the machinery continues to be used correctly and efficiently after delivery.

Rhenus High Tech works closely with manufacturers to receive up-to-date training on a variety of high tech products, enabling us to perform value added services including periodic maintenance and system calibration. This ensures we can proceed with advanced specialist logistical requirements and offer technical support to our clients’ engineers whenever necessary.

High tech facilities

The high tech warehouses at Rhenus High Tech UK are specially designed for careful mechanical examination and diagnostics. Products and equipment can be stored, tested, configured and readied for clients across the UK. Our warehouses can safely store almost every kind of high tech equipment, including medical equipment, machine components, racks, machines from the fitness industry, and all other tech equipment from various industrial fields.

Within the warehouses, we perform value added services including:

  • Pre-staging
  • Data-wiping
  • Configuring
  • Data-loading
  • Testing
  • Calibration
  • Pre-assembly
  • Rack assembly
  • Power-up
  • Server configuration
  • Engineer or customer training
  • X-ray rooms and testing
  • Maintenance
  • Cabling and assembly
  • DEMO management
  • Service support

Skilled and trained to manufacturer

Our experienced warehouse management team are capable of managing every inventory with ease, and the value-added services at our in-house facility provide an extra level of assurance for our clients. All maintenance tests are also performed in conditions which simulate real situations and places. These diagnostic tests let us determine the exact areas in need of attention, should any issues arise.

The pre-staging process is a very important part of what makes Rhenus High Tech UK the most dependable specialist logistics provider in the country. Our services are carefully designed to provide each client with products that are in perfect condition, ready to be installed, and optimised for efficient and long-lasting use.

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